Marion Ehmann holding seminar

kiMEru Coaching & Consulting AB offers professional skills training, organisation development, change management and coaching to both organisations and individuals working within the legal sector. Our services are tailored to your specific needs in your everyday work life.

How can YOU benefit from this?

You are a lawyer – in a law firm, in private practice or in-house with a company or authority – or a judge and you are very good at what you do. Managing your tasks effectively, leading projects and teams as well as interacting successfully with clients, colleagues, authorities and staff is an important part of your work. The changing environment of the legal profession requires you to adapt quickly.

We want to help you to get better and more effective at what you do each day. Our passion is building bridges between your way of working and thinking and the useful tools supplied by best practice and research on, among others, communication, project management and leadership as well as behavioural science and neuroscience. Our goal is to make the knowledge in those fields easily accessible and useful in your specific everyday work. This will enable you to reach better results with your clients, colleagues and staff.