7 November 2019: open Legal Project Management training at JUC in Copenhagen

25 October 2019: Speaker at Women in IT Law Conference, Berlin (in German) https://it-juristinnentag.de/programm/session-anbieter/

25 September 2019: open Legal Project Management training at VJS (in Swedish) https://www.vjs.se/kurser/projektledning-for-jurister-legal-project-management 

6 September 2019: keynote on Legal Project Management and panel discussion at AIJA´s 57th International Young Lawyers´ Congress in Rome https://rome.aija.org//

4 April 2019: panel discussion “How can we develop Legal Tech? Part 1: The human factor” at the annual conference of the Swedish Association for IT and Law in Stockholm  https://siju.se 

16 January, 20 March and 14 August 2019: Teaching Legal Project Management in Frankfurt for University St. Gallen

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