“I can very warmly recommend Marion as coach. She is wise, dedicated and responsive. Marions feedback has always been constructive. The coaching with Marion has contributed a lot to my professional development and the fact that she is a lawyer herself has been important to me – I felt understod.  Marion is good at both identifying overall structural problems and give hands-on advice on how to act in specific situations. I was surprised that I could see results for myself so quickly. I just wish that I had decided to try coaching a lot earlier!”

“The coaching gave me a lot of added value, both with regard to guidande on how to view your own situation from a different perspective and on finding motivation. I also received specific practical tools that I now use in ny daily work where I tackle often challenging situations with high stress levels. I warmly recommend the coaching.”

“Marion helped me to find my motivation and inspiration to find a new job, something which I have wanted to do for a long time but did not seem to be able to pull off. Among others, she made me realize that it wasn´t so hard as I thought it would be, that I should trust my reflections and just start turning thoughts into actions! She challenged and questioned me and made me think about the things that kept me from finding a job.”

“Marion´s coaching style is at all times focused on the client´s individual challenges and goals. She gives me as her client the opportunity to be in charge of the coaching. As a consequence, I am invested in the agreed goals and engaged in working towards those goals.”

“Knowledgeable and committed coach that helps you to define your own goals and achieve them!”

“This workshop has given me what I have always wanted – project management tools for legal work!”
“The training focuses on the business-critical aspects of Legal Project Management and I am convinced that it will provide added value for clients – both with regard to more effectivity and higher quality in our work. I would like to warmly recommend this training to project leaders on all levels.”

Per Magnusson, partner, Advokat (member of the Swedish bar): “The LPM-workshop is one of the most rewarding trainings I have had. The workshop gave me lots of different tools which are directly applicable in law firm work and which lead to significant improvements in both client relationships and internally. As for the LPM-coaching, I had to change habitual behavior in order to develop professionally. Marion´s coaching has been of vital importance in order for me to succeed with that. With her background in law firms, she has been able to support me in this change by giving valuable advice and by challenging me and following up on the activities and goals that I have set myself.”

Lisa af Burén, Advokat (member of the Swedish bar): “Marion is an adaptable coach who has helped me develop both on a professional and personal level. Marion has made me challenge myself on many levels. I can warmly recommend Marion to all who really want to develop and get better at what they do, both in their professional and personal lives. I will take with me and use many of the pointers, advice and tools which Marion has presented me with during our coaching.”

Therese Jönsson, Advokat (member of the Swedish bar): “Marion was dedicated and committed to my professional development. Marion´s coaching has been focused entirely on me and my goals, which has been challenging and required my strong participation, but which is also exactly what has created results. Together we haven gotten to the bottom of the things that I wanted to develop. While the focus has been on me individually, Marion has shared her professional experiences from her law firm background, which I appreciated. My coaching with Marion has been very well invested hours!”

“Really great seminar with lots of useful suggestions!!”
“Thank you for a really good, clear and inspiring talk.”
“Pedagogical and well structured seminar.”
“Very fun and inspiring lecture. The vivid examples were a plus.”
“Great advantage that you know how a law firm works and use exempels. Inspiring and rewarding talk! We were given great tools.”
“Great lecture! A plus that you use concrete situations to which one can relate to”
“You are good at filling the audience with entusiasm, which is not always easy at a law firm
“The best talk in a very long time! Thank you!!”

“Marions seminar gave us tools for giving both positive and constructive feedback as well as a common perspective on how important it is to be able to give feedback on all levels – up, down and horizontally in an organisation. In my view, all employees and every organisation benefits from creating a good feedback culture. In the case of Landahl, I can see that this contributes to individual development and makes the whole firm move forward.”
“Marions workshop on communication combines theory and research with practical exampels in a pedagogical and entertaining way. We took away valueable insights which we could translate into added value in practice, both on a personal and professional level. Marions background puts her also in a unique position to present only relevant information in a way tailored to the audience, which was especially appreciated. The seminar should be part of the basic training in all legal organisations; warmly recommended!”
“The workshop covers typical communication situations from everyday work in a law firm. Tools for better infernal and external communication are acquired within a balanced framework of theory and practice. The participants receive many practical pointers, e.g. regard telephone conferences and e-mail, which are of great use in our daily work. I can warmly recommend the workshop.”