The International Coach Federation (ICF), global leader in the field of coach certification and accreditation of coaching education, defines coaching as “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” To effectively achieve the client´s goals, coaching uses proven practical tools and exercises as well as inspiration and challenges. Clients gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding of their strengths and areas of development. As an ICF-certified coach, I create a space that is free from preconceptions and protected by ethical rules, such as client confidentiality. Read more about ICF´s Code of Ethics and the EU self-regulation Professional Charter for Coaching and Mentoring.

Organisations and individuals use professional coaches in various situations, e.g.

  • Professional services firms hire a coach for new partners. The partner and the coach speak regularly to set goals, discuss progress and work out strategies for business development and other tasks connected to the new role.
  • HR responsibles assign a coach to all lateral hires as part of the on-boarding process to facilitate a swift and smooth integration into the organisation.
  • Entrepreneurs use coaching for boosting the start-up of their business, to manage critical development stages better or for preparing their exit and hand-over of the business.
  • Organisations establish group-coaching programs for emerging leaders to discuss professional development plans and leadership.
  • CEOs or managing partners engage a coach as a thinking partner with an unbiased perspective on their organisation.

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