Legal Project Management (LPM) emphasises efficiency, client focus and behaviour change. It is your toolbox for succeeding in a rapidly changing legal market.

I teach LPM in workshops and through coaching and I consult firms and legal departments on specific projects. LPM applies suitable and proven project management tools to legal projects. The goals are increased value for clients as well as more effective approaches to legal work and sustainable business models for law firms and legal departments.

What can be gained from good LPM?

  • Expectations between principals and legal advisors become more transparent.
  • Fees and costs become more predictable.
  • Fewer surprises appear when projects are under way.
  • Communication between principals and legal advisors improves, thus building trust and relationships.
  • Risks are being identified, communicated and managed continuously.
  • And more.

The training is based on LPM-models developed in the USA, my project management training at Örebro University and especially my 20 years of experience as a lawyer and manager of legal projects of different types and sizes in Sweden and Germany.